Friday, November 17, 2006

Why Ronald Reagan?

Why Ronald Reagan?

Thank you to everyone sent in responses to the blog, commercial and website, we appreciate your comments. Some of you have asked us “Why Ronald Reagan?”

We aim to shift the Party’s focus to the core agenda that is best for the American people. Now is the time for us to unite under the “Big Tent” as members of the GOP and start forwarding the ideals that are best for our nation, and to discontinue the focus on a misguided social agenda that is not supported by a majority of Republicans. Why are members of the GOP focusing on an exclusionary agenda that concentrates on select social issues when the bigger picture is something that all Republicans can support for the good of our country?

Ronald Reagan’s leadership illustrates what can be accomplished when the focus is on the core issues at hand. Reagan, who did not support choice, did not choose to use it as a wedge issue like Falwell, Dobson and Reed on the far-right are doing today. Reagan aimed to build consensus and broaden the “Big Tent”, he supported common sense Republicans like Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and focused on the issues that were best for our country.

Today we ask you, as members of the Real Republican Majority—Who are your Real Republican Leaders? Who are your elected officials that espouse the qualities of a real Republican? What leader, on a local, state or national level, can you look to as forwarding the true ideals of the GOP and forwarding the issues that are best for our nation over extremist agendas?

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Welcome to

Welcome to! As Chair of the Real Republican Majority I will be blogging weekly on important issues that we, as members of the Majority, face today. We welcome your responses via the interactive blog component, and look forward to hearing what you, our members, have to say about the important issues that the GOP faces today.
The Real Republican Majority aims to unite Americans from across the nation, and regain control of the GOP agenda. If we allow the far right extremists to dictate the focus of the GOP, and if our leaders continue to pander to them, ultimately we will alienate millions of American voters. When asked by Alan Colmes if he wanted the GOP to be known as the ‘Big Tent Party’ far-right Focus on the Family Founder, James Dobson replied “I don't want to be in the big tent... I think the party ought to stand for something.” It’s time to tell Dobson and his cohorts that we do stand for something-- we stand for personal freedom, liberty, tolerance and fairness, and we’re also standing up today to take our Party back from their grasp.
Today, it is more critical than ever that the Real Republican Majority takes back the Party agenda. Now that we have joined together as the Real Republican Majority, I would encourage you to invite common sense Republicans, friends, family, co-workers and others to join you in the fight for the heart and soul of our GOP—the future of our nation is at stake.
Best Wishes,

Jennifer Stockman