Friday, January 30, 2009

New RNC Chairman announced

Michael Steele is the new RNC Chairman. The votes are as follows.

Steele: 91
Dawson: 77

We will be issuing a press release shortly on the results.

Steele Pulls Ahead and Anuzis Drops Out

Steele is now ahead in this fifth round of voting. The votes are as follows:

Steele: 79
: 69
Anuzis: 20

The final round of voting will be held soon. Anuzis has just dropped out, so only Steele and Dawson are left.

Blackwell Bows Out

Ken Blackwell (OH) has just bowed out of the race. This leaves Saul Anuzis (MI), Katon Dawson (SC) or Michael Steele (MD). The race is currently between Steele and Dawson. Blackwell has endorsed Michael Steele.

We’ll keep you updated on the next votes.

4th Round of RNC Voting

Dawson: 62
Steele: 60
Anuzis: 21
Blackwell: 15

Mike Duncan Drops Out

Current RNC Chairman Mike Duncan has dropped out of the race. The fourth vote is going on now. We will continue to keep you updated.

Third Round of Voting

In the third round of voting for RNC Chairman, Michael Steele took the lead over Mike Duncan, whom he'd been previously tied with. The votes are as follows:

Steele: 51
Duncan: 44
Dawson: 34
Anuzis: 24
Blackwell: 15

We'll continue to keep you updated.

Second Round of RNC Votes

The second round of RNC votes are as follows:

Duncan: 48
Steele: 48
Dawson: 29
Anuzis: 24
Blackwell: 19.

Current RNC chair Mike Dawson and former MD Lt. Gov are in a dead heat. We will keep you updated on any changes.

First Round of Voting Complete

Our Executive Director Kellie Ferguson has reported on the first round of RNC votes. They are as following:

Duncan 52
Steele 46
Dawson 28
Anuzis 22
Blackwell 20

There will be another round of voting soon. To win the Chairman’s seat, you must get 85 votes.

RMC live from the RNC Chair election

Executive Director Kellie Ferguson is live at the RNC Chairman’s election and will be updating us through out the day.

The nominating speeches have begun. This morning Chip Salzman, Party Chair from Tennesse, has dropped out of the race. Not a single RNC member had committed to vote for him. Salzman had come under fire after releasing a racially charged song about President Obama. The race is now between Mike Duncan, the current chair; Michael Steele, former Lt. Gov. from MD; Saul Anuzis, state Party Chair from MI; Ken Blackwell, former Sec. of State in OH; and Katon Dawson, state Party Chair from SC.

The Committeeman from Oklahoma is offering the nominating speech for Ken Blackwell touting his ability to solidify the "base" rather than begin reaching out from broader appeal.

The Committeewoman from Maryland is nominating Michael Steele and focused on his winning record, ability to fundraise and lead.

The Committeeman from Iowa is nominating Mike Duncan, stating his ability to promote conservative values and an effort to reengage all Republicans to share our conservative principles.

National Committeeman from South Carolina nominated Kawton Dawson, touting his history as a lifelong Republican and his ability to inspire voters and rebuild a grassroots operation.

National Committeeman from Michigan nominated Saul Anuzis, praising his work to elect Republicans in MI and his understanding the technology needed to bring the party into the future.

Please check back as we continue to update you on the developments.

RNC Chairman's Election TODAY

Today the Republican National Committeemen and women will vote on the Party’s new chair. Hopefully the new Chair will understand how important attracting moderates and independents are and returning us to the big tent party we once were.

Early polls have current Party Chair Mike Duncan in the lead with former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steel close behind.

We will be reporting from the RNC all day on developments as they happen. Stay tuned.