Friday, February 16, 2007

Senate Will Remain in Session on Saturday

In a rare move, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced yesterday that the Senate will remain in session Saturday to continue to debate the Iraq war. The House of Representatives is expected to end debate today and vote on a non-binding resolution condemning the proposed troop escalation.
The issue of the war and how we as a country should proceed is complex, and to date, no solution has been set forth that the majority of our nation can agree upon. Even within the GOP there are several viewpoints; those that think we need an exit strategy now, those that would like to see and end but are not willing to stop supplying our troops with necessary equipment and supplies, and those that believe we must stay the course. While once it seemed that viewpoints depended on "loyalty" to the President, the Party itself has broken down on different sides of the debate.
Several presidential contenders have had to cancel trips and rearrange plans to remain in Washington and be a part of this important discussion. It will be interesting to follow the debate and see what actually comes of an extra day in session.

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