Friday, May 4, 2007

GOP Candidates Debate Top Issues of the Day

With First Lady Nancy Reagan and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the front row of the audience last night, 10 Presidential hopefuls participated in the first GOP debate of the 2008 election.
Topics ranged from taxes, to immigration, to war, to abortion and stem cell research and much more. Governor Mitt Romney was forced to defend his often-changing positions, particularly on abortion. McCain was the only candidate to forthrightly state his support of the advancement of embryonic stem cell research.
All of the candidates cited President Reagan at some point and stated why they were the candidate who would successfully emulate his legacy. Despite what some claimed during the debate and what they will continue to claim in the future, their records speak for themselves. The GOP needs a candidate that all Americans can embrace and that will support a 'big tent' Republican Party.
What did you think of last night's debate??

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