Friday, March 16, 2007

EC Bill Passes in Colorado

There is a trend beginning to sweep across the nation to promote the common sense, preventative measure of providing information about emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault in emergency rooms.
Yesterday, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed a bill into law that does just this. It is because of the dedication and hard work of the Republicans within the legislature and constituents across the state that made this possible. Without the much needed support of those real Republicans, victims of sexual assault would continue to receive substandard medical care in emergency rooms.
In Connecticut, the legislature is currently debating a similar bill, and will hopefully produce the same outcome as Colorado. These aren't the only two states-- the Oregon state House advanced legislation with an EC provision, and Pennsylvania passed a similar bill recently.
As real Republicans, emergency contraception for survivors of sexual assault is something we can all rally around. It is a way to decrease the number of abortions, which is something we can all support and shows true compassion for women who have just been through a very traumatic experience.
This trend of common sense legislation must continue to show across the country.

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