Thursday, August 23, 2007

Romney's Interview on Abortion

In what has become seemingly a weekly story for Gov. Mitt Romney, he has once again confused the American public on his true stance on the issue of abortion. In an interview Tuesday in Nevada, Romney stated that he supports letting states make their own decisions regarding laws on abortion. He stated:
"My view is that the Supreme Court has made an error in saying at the national
level one size fits all for the whole nation... Instead, I would let states
make their choices."

Earlier in August, Romney stated his support for legislation that would ensure that the protections of the 14th amendment applied to the unborn, essentially making it impossible for Nevadans to hold onto their state's right to legal abortion.

John Ralston, who interviewed Romney Tuesday, commented following the interview. According to this article in the Washington Post, Ralston said:
"I thought that was a perfect example of Mitt Romney trying to thread a needle
that's very difficult to thread...I don't see how you can be antiabortion, be in
favor of a constitutional amendment and be in favor of states' rights. . . . I
don't see how you do it."

Romney has further proved his willingness to abandon his own "principles" to fit the mold of the people he addresses at any one time. His consistent flip-flopping on this one issue should translate into mistrust of his positions on other issues.

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Anonymous said...

Governor Romney persists in employing the Merry-Go-Round approach to his positions and it just makes me dizzy with contempt.
Leaving my right to reproductive choice up to him would be tantamount to handing him the password to my savings account and trusting him not to steal too much.