Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Primaries in IN and NC Today

Today are the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. It is unlikely that these primaries will bring any resolution to who the Democratic nominee will be. Both campaigns are keeping their expectations low. Clinton’s camping has been setting the bar low, saying that in both of these states she started very far behind and is excited about where she is now. On the other hand, Obama has said that today’s round of primaries will be very close. The Real Clear Politics polls have Obama in the lead by 8 points in North Carolina and Clinton up by 5 in Indiana.
Long lines have already been reported in both states. Indiana has 72 delegates tied to today’s primary and North Carolina has 115. It is unlikely that the results will make a substantial change to the delegate race as the outcomes will likely be very close. Currently it is estimated that Obama has 1,745 and Clinton 1,602. To secure the nomination they would need 2,025 delegates, a number neither is likely to obtain. We will keep you updated on news from today’s primaries.

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