Monday, June 2, 2008

DNC Makes Ruling on FL and MI

The Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee reached an agreement on the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations, which went against Party rules and moved up their primaries in hopes of having a greater presence in the nomination process. They were penalized by their Party (you said delegation, I was unsure), who revoked of their voting rights at the Convention. The Committee decided to be more lenient. The two states will be able to seat their delegation and each delegate will able to cast a half of vote.

The rule change has not drastically affected the delegate standing. Clinton still trails by 176 delegates while Obama is less then 50 shy of the new magical number of 2,118.

The other news in the Democratic primary race was Senator Clinton’s win in Puerto Rico. This was a rather lopsided victory in the mostly ceremonial primary. The final results were Clinton 62%, Obama 32%.

This is the last week of primaries in South Dakota and Montana. The week’s end could bring resolution to the Democratic nomination process. Insiders say that Clinton is poised to concede, but she continues to run ads in MT and SD that tout her lead in the popular vote. She still seems willing to take it all the way to the Convention and the Credentials Committee. It is easy to wonder if she is just holding out for a VP promise or another high profile administration position before she is willing to concede.

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