Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate Tonight

Tonight is the highly anticipated Vice Presidential Debate. This debate seems to have more excitement surrounding it than the Presidential debates, and will likely be one of the most closely watched debates in years. Tonight will be the first time that Senator Biden and Governor Palin square off. All eyes are on Palin, who has had some gaffes in the last few days. Many are saying these mistakes only prove that she is inexperienced, and her performance tonight will be scrutinized for any blunders. Biden has been a figure in Washington for 36 years and is an effective debater but often comes off as aggressive and unauthentic. Will Palin be able to use her charisma and recapture the excitement from her Convention speech while convincing people she has the experience to be the number two person in charge of our nation?

A new poll shows that support for Sarah Palin is beginning to slip, mainly due to what voters perceive as lack of experience. An area that Palin as a lot of ground to make up for is with independent women voters. Nearly three in ten independent women have intensely unfavorable opinions of her, more than twice the proportion holding such views of Biden.

The debate starts tonight at 9:00 EST and will be carried on most major networks.

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