Monday, March 16, 2009

Former Rep. Rob Simmons Enters CT Senate Race

This weekend, Real Republican Rob Simmons (CT) announced that he will be challenging embattled Democratic Senator Chris Dodd for the Connecticut Senate Seat in 2010. Senator Dodd, who ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination and has recently been heavily tied to the economic crisis gripping many of America’s families, has seen slipping poll and approval numbers in Connecticut. Simmons, a former Representative from the 2nd District of Connecticut, lost narrowly in the anti-Republican tide that gripped much of the nation in 2006, but remains popular in his district. Recent polling released showed that Simmons is beating Dodd, 43-42%. This polling was what prompted Simmons to make the announcement that he will indeed run.

Simmons has a strong record of being a Real Republican in his tenure as a House member, where he represented Connecticut well. RRM will keep you updated about any news in the race.

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