Monday, January 8, 2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger's Inaguration Speech

On Friday in Sacramento Gov. Schwarzenegger was sworn in to a second term as the 38th Governor of California. The following are excerpts from his inauguration speech: “Centrist does not mean weak. It does not mean watered down or warmed over. It means well-balanced and well-grounded.” “The American people are instinctively centrist; so should be our government. America’s political parties should return to the center. They should return to the center where the people are.” Governor Schwarzenegger has found a winning combination of uniting the people and governing from the people’s ideological standpoint, and it’s proven to be a great asset to the State of California. Today is the time for other GOP leaders across the nation to take note and follow his lead uniting under the ‘big tent’.

Click here to read the article "Schwarzenegger pledges ‘centrist’ government" from the Central Valley Business Times.

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