Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Real Republican Jim Greenwood Issues Press Release on Stem Cell Research

President Bush issued his first presidential veto last year when he was presented with the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. In the first days of business in the new Congress, this bill has resurfaced and former opponents of this groundbreaking legislation are coming forth in support of it suddenly.
In addition to new support for passage of the advancement of stem cell research, leading experts in the medical field are voicing their strong favor once again. One such propent includes moderate Republican and former Congressman Jim Greenwood, whose firm BIO issued a statement yesterday on H.R. 3 encouraging support in Congress.
While in Congress, Greenwood was a leader on the real Republican values of small government and individual liberty, and since leaving office, has played a highly visible role in continuing to work on behalf of measures that will positively affect the lives of Americans-- including his role in fighting for stem cell research. We must ensure that members of Congress, the President, and all Americans pay close attention to what the experts in the field are saying about the promise that stem cell research holds and not allow politics to get in the way.

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