Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First Quarter Fundraising Numbers Released

The first quarter of the year closed on Saturday, March 31st. Though the official reports are not due to the FEC until April 15th, most campaigns have released their numbers. Here they are below in order of most funds raised.

Mitt Romney
•Raised $20.63 M in primary contributions
•Total receipts are $23M; includes $2.35M loan from Romney and a $20,000 transfer from his 1994 Senate campaign

Rudy Giuliani
•$15 M raised during the first quarter; $2 M raised prior to January 1, 2007
•$11 M cash on hand
•Stated most of these funds were for primary

John McCain
•Raised approximately $12.5M
•Last week he lowered expectations, which had reached as high as $30 M, saying he got a late start and doesn’t like raising money

Tom Tancredo
•His campaign will report about $1.3M raisedMike Huckabee
•Stated had met his goal of $500K for the Q and would report roughly $300K CoH

These numbers differ drastically from what all the polls show-- Giuliani has consistently come in first in all major polls, with McCain second and Romney trailing much further behind, often behind GOPers who have not even formed exploratory committees such as Fred Thompson.

The question remains, how will these fundraising tallies affect public opinion polls? Will we see a shift in the coming weeks?

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