Thursday, April 5, 2007

Romney Once Again Tries to Appease the Far Right

On a visit this week to New Hampshire, the state slated to hold the nation's first primary in 2008, Mitt Romney once again referred to himself as a life-long hunter. The problem with this statement? Romney admittedly has only been on two hunting trips in his life-- one when he was 15 and the other just last year with the Republican Governor's Association, which he headed at the time.
He has blatantly softened his position on gun control since being Governor of MA. When asked why he joined the NRA last August as a lifelong member, Romney replied, "I'm after the NRA's endorsement. I'm not sure they'll give it to me. I hope they will. I also joined because if I'm going to ask for their endorsement, they're going to ask for mine."
This is just another issue that Romney has changed his position on for mere political gain. What issue will he choose next?

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