Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ask the GOP Presidential Candidates a Question!

Do you have something you want to ask the Republican Presidential candidates? Now is your chance!

On Wednesday, November 28th, CNN and YouTube will co-sponsor a Republican Presidential debate in St. Petersburg, Florida. You can participate by submitting a question via www.youtube.com/republicandebate. In this all-important election, we must know full well how our GOP nominee, and potential future President, will protect personal freedom and privacy.

Submitting a question is simple and will take only a few moments of your time. Knowing candidates’ positions on issues of personal freedom and choice are essential for Americans nationwide to make an informed voting decision. You can pose questions such as: What is their proposal to ensure that our children, particularly those in middle school and high school, are taught medically-accurate, age-appropriate sex education? How will they address the spending and tax issues our nation faces today? How will they work to bring unity to our broken GOP?

If you need assistance in submitting a question, please call us at 202-887-11150 Already submit a question? Let us know that, too, by calling or emailing Info@RealRepublicanMajority.org.

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