Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mukasey Confirmation Threatened

Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey's confirmation may be threatened due to a non-committal answer on the issue of waterboarding, a form of CIA interrogation in which a prisoner is strapped to an inclined board and poured over with water to simulate drowning.

In his letter in response to whether or not he supported waterboarding, Mukasey could not affirm that the practice was illegal, but said that he found the interrogation method "repugnant" and seems "over the line".

Mukasey's confirmation hangs in the balance right now of whether the Senate Judiciary Committee will pass him through to the full Senate. When Mukasey was first nominated by President Bush for the Attorney General post, he gained support from an array of Senators, Republicans and Democrats alike, including NY Senator Chuck Schumer. Now, Schumer himself seems to be rethinking his support. We will know more after next Tuesday, when the Judiciary Committee meets privately to review the Mukasey nomination.

The American people deserve to have an honest and trustworthy Attorney General, ad thus far in the hearings, Mr. Mukasey has been that. A contentious battle in confirming a new AG may prove to be a detriment to the overall safety and security of our nation.

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