Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Special Elections in VA-01 and OH-05

Voters will head to the polls today in Virginia's 1st district to replace the late Rep. JoAnn Davis. There are three candidates for the race-- a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent. Unfortunately the Republican candidate, who has the strongest chance of winning in this solid Republican district, is a staunch conservative on social issues and more.

The same goes in Ohio's 5th district, where voters will choice between a far-right conservative and a Democrat to replace the late Rep. Paul Gillmor. This district is rated R+10 on the PVI scale. Certainly, had a moderate Republican been the GOP candidate, they would still have enough support to win in the general election.

If our moderate majority is to expand in the next session of Congress, we must have strong candidates who are willing to fight for the real Republican principles and stand up to the extreme faction of the GOP who is attempting to make our Party into one of extremists.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys... one sec here! Look, I'm a Rudy Republican if ever there was one... but we have to understand that not all GOPers are that way.

If Ohio and VA want to elect conservative Repubs, that's better than Dems for now at least. I'm fine with Shwarzenegger/Giuliani/Bloomberg Republicans in places where they can beat Dems (CA and NY), but let's be patient with Ohio and VA WASP-types for awhile.

R > D. Simple.