Tuesday, December 18, 2007

McCain Launches Attack Effort in NH

Arizona Senator and presidential hopeful John McCain issued a direct mail piece this week to further chip away at Governor Mitt Romney's front-runner status in New Hampshire.

McCain's mailer paints Romney as someone who can't be trusted and who has flip-flopped on many issues, highlighting in this piece his change on illegal immigration. Romney has held a lead in New Hampshire, but in recent weeks his lead has dwindled at the site of the nation's first primary. Romney also lost his lead in Iowa to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Will McCain's effort help his own numbers in the New Hampshire polls?

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theq said...

As disappointing as McCain's stance on choice is I think the old adage about knowing the devil you got certainly applies here. Gov. Romney's brazen pandering through the years tells me everything I need to know about him....and go screaming into the night.

Dallas Dave said...

Go John. Or Rudy.

Please, somebody, ANYBODY, beat Huckleberry Finn or whatever his name is.

Anonymous said...

Could agree with you more about the "brazen pandering". I liked Mitt when he was a moderate Republican, more reasonable. Remember back then? After he loses I wonder what he will be like next.