Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Countdown to Iowa Caucuses

Tomorrow, voters in Iowa will participate in caucuses to vote for both the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates. All eyes are on this state as it is the first to partake in the 2008 elections. Governor Mitt Romney and Governor Mike Huckabee are the leading contenders for the GOP, and the race is a virtual dead heat as the margins of error are considered in polling numbers.

Earlier this week Governor Huckabee called a press conference to unveil a new ad attacking Romney, but at the last moment at the press conference, announced that he would not air the ad on television. However, he still showed the ad to the press which enabled reporters to record the video in the room and air the ad themselves on their respective networks. Clearly, Huckabee knew what he was doing by allowing press to see the ad-- he could still call himself the 'good guy' because he did not participate in an attack of him main opponent in the state, yet was able to get the message across that he wanted voters to know about Romney's record. Hopefully voters will be able to see through this tactic.

For more on polling in Iowa and the other early primary states, click here.

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