Monday, January 7, 2008

Latest NH Polls; Weekend Debates

Today is the last full day the GOP candidates have to make the case of why voters should choose them before Tuesday's primary election contest takes place.

A Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogy poll shows John McCain leading Mitt Romney 34%-29%. A CNN/WMUR/UNH polling of likely voters in the state showes McCain over Romney 32%-26%. And finally, McCain leads Romney 34%-30% in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

The outlook is not good for the Romney campaign. If he loses tomorrow, his run for president is essentially over. For months, Romney has led in both Iowa and New Hampshire and his campaign strategy was dependent upon his success in thoses two states. On Saturday, Romney won the Wyoming caucus; however, no other candidate made an effort in that state, so his win means virtually nothing.

The candidates also participated in two debates, one hosted by ABC, the other by FoxNews. Romney was targeted the most in both debates, largely for his flip-flopping on major issues. Romney himslef admitted to changing his positions. For a link to the ABC debate, click here. Stay tuned for a link to the full FoxNews debate.

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