Thursday, January 31, 2008

RMC Issues Statement on Giuliani Exit

Republican Majority for Choice Statement on Mayor Giuliani’s Exit from Presidential Race

“Today we applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his strong effort in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Mayor Giuliani ran a campaign of ideas and real solutions that tried to bridge the gap in a broken GOP.

“For the first time in years the debate was focused on real issues that all Republicans care strongly about. Issues like keeping Americans safe at home and abroad, solving the dilemma of sky rocking costs for entitlement programs and promoting real solutions to the illegal immigration debacle that seems to be beyond resolution.

“Mayor Giuliani stayed true to his convictions and made it clear that he would work with common sense and common ground as his guide. We have no doubt his candidacy restored the faith of many centrist Republicans who had lost confidence that the GOP could once again lead with common sense. We urge the eventual Republican nominee to take a page from this playbook, keep the rhetoric limited, the real solutions plentiful and the message broad enough to welcome all Republicans into a Republican Big Tent and encourage Independent voters to join us.”

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