Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Candidates Focus on the Economy

The economy has eclipsed the war in Iraq and health care reform as the issue of this election. This past week all three of the major candidates have addressed the topic, specifically focusing on the most distressing area of the economy the housing crisis.

Today Senator John McCain promised not to play election year politics and to look at solutions in terms of what will help ease the crisis now. He even suggested that he would be open to ideas that are a tangent to Republican Party lines. Saying “I will not allow dogma to override common sense.” He did say that he does not believe it is the role of the government to bail out people or institutions, small or large, who act irresponsibly. McCain has admitted that compared to his foreign policy and national security credentials he lacks when it comes to economic policy. He is work to change that perception.

Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have also proposed plans to help ease the strain on the house crisis and the economy. Both plans are similar which call for big government spending and bipartisan committees.

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