Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain Clinches Nomination

Last night Senator John McCain secured the Republican nomination after sweeping the night’s primaries and Governor Mike Huckabee conceded the race. McCain pledged the campaign "will be more than another tired debate of false promises, empty sound bites, or useless arguments from the past." Now the focus turns to who McCain will choose as his number two and solidifying a national campaign strategy.

Click to read all of McCain’s acceptance speech

The Democratic nominee is still unclear, now more then ever. Senator Hilary Clinton won three of the four primaries: TX, OH and RI. Obama won VT and still leads in the delegate count 1,451 to 1,365.

The next round of primaries for the Democrats are Saturday March 8th in Wyoming and Tuesday March 11th Mississippi. There are only about 60 delegates up for grabs in those primaries. The real fight is over the April 22nd Pennsylvania Primary where they will be battling for 188 delegates.

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