Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Special Election Wraps Up

The special election to replace former Congressman and now Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in Illinois’s 5th District has wrapped up with Democrat Mike Quigley winning over 70% of the vote. The 5th District race had been hotly contested in the Democratic Primary, and as the Blageojevich scandal broke, many wondered if the GOP would be able to make inroads into heavily Democratic districts due to the scandal. However, it appears that no such inroads were made in this election. The remaining votes are split between Republican Rosanna Pulido and Green Party nominee Matt Reichel.This is a Democrat-safe district, and it has not been nearly as competitive as the New York 20th race to replace now Senator Kristen Gillibrand. That race is waiting on military absentee ballots and is still neck to neck.

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