Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily News Round-Up for April 27th, 2009

NY 1 ( New York , NY )

In an exclusive interview Friday with NY1, embattled Democrat Governor David Paterson vowed to run for governor next year and scoffed at the idea of a Republican or a Democrat beating him.

Dallas Morning News ( Dallas , TX )

Rick Perry's media mongering has raised his campaign funds for his race against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, but his extreme positions will likely cost him in votes.

Fargo Forum ( Fargo , ND )

Tim Pawlenty's campaign Web site is undergoing an update, fueling speculation that he may seek a third term as Minnesota 's governor.

Boston Globe ( Boston , MA )

Christy Mihos, who as an independent sought the state's highest post in 2006, intends to run again for governor, this time as a Republican.

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