Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Giuliani Holds Wide Lead in New Washington Post Poll

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has held a consistent lead in the race for the presidential nomination in 2008 and in a new poll conducted by the Washington Post, 37% of Republicans favored Giuliani, compared to 16% for Senator John McCain, 15% for former Senator Fred Thompson. Romney placed fourth with 8%.

According to the poll.
"Nearly half of the Republicans polled said that Giuliani represents their
party's best chance to win in November 2008; that is three or four times as high
as the percentage who mentioned other candidates."

It is important to note that this poll was conducted nationwide; analyzing poll numbers in specific states will reveal somewhat different numbers. It is the early primary states, such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina that give a better view of where candidates stand. If candidates do better than expected, or worse than expected, in those early states, there chances could change drastically across the nation.

For more on the poll, click here.


Jen said...

He seems to be the most moderate candidate out there. I've seen him speak in person, and I do have to say I was impressed. He has a very winning personality, and it was evident from the crowd's reaction that they still see him as the hero of 9/11, much more than Bush. I would like to know a little bit more about where he stands on our current military presence in Iraq, and what he feels our stance should be with other aggressive countries and their leaders, such as Iran.

Anonymous said...

He has my support!

Lauren said...

I agree that he seems to be the most moderate candidate out there and I think that that is absolutely critical to the Republicans winning in 2008. As he said in one of the Republican debates, in order to win we have to reach out and bring in Democrats and independents which I think he will be able to do. I agree about 9-11 and I'm also curious to know his positions on Iraq and Iran.

Anonymous said...

On Sept. 10, Giuliani's political reputation in NYC was at an all time low. 9/11 was his political salvation, but what did he do that each and every one of you would not have done? He attended funerals, he attended a wedding, he went to ground zero, but just how was this man a hero? Speak with members of the NYFD, speak with New Yorkers like myself, who lived in a city managed by Giuliani, and through 9/11; we have a much different view of this man. He abused his power as mayor, and the civil rights of the citizens of New York, he brought us Bernard Kerik, a man of more than questionable repute, he ignored the needs of the NYFD and NYPD. Those of you who are not from NY need to find out much more about this man before you make your decisions.

Lauren said...

Those are very interesting and pertinent points that you raise. It will be interesting to see how his political campaign unfolds and if things such as you've described begin to play a role or resinate with voters.

Shana said...

Anonymous: I hear you. My sis lives in NY, and she's told me pretty much the same. But the truth is that Bush, too, got an undeserved ratings boost from 9/11 and he's at 30% approval, while Giuliani is still leading the Rep contenders...why? Because in the end, he's a smart guy whose politics relect those of the majority of Republicans. He made some mistakes, but I cringe everytime I think "President Romney"

Anonymous said...

At this point, it may be necessary to look beyond the republican party. The credibility of this nation needs to be restored, and a candidate with positive world recognition is what is required. Also, the supreme court will see the retirement of several justices over the next eight years, and the country will need a centrist who will restore the court to a non-partisan, legal institution, not an arm of the executive branch. Let's not forget that the judiciary is the third branch of government, and for the moment, it has been co-opted.
As for Giuliani, please remember he was a prosecutor, which is his mind set, and he was a poor one at that. It's easy to talk a good game, delivery is something else.

Lauren said...

Anonymous: I hear you concerning Giuliani, the Party and the Supreme Court and believe me, I am just as outraged as you and many others are with how this
administration has shamelessly shifted the Court so far to the right! Just look at the most recent decisions and of course there are plenty of reasons
to be alarmed and infuriated.  That said, though, if this nation is going to regain its credibility which it absolutely must, what needs to happen is for
the moderate majority of Republicans to take a stand and take back the GOP from the Christian right politicians who've co-opted the party for the past
twenty years and especially this administration!! We need to return to the principles that are the foundation of the Republican party and not let a small
minority represent all of us! It is definitely tempting to swing to the left with everything that's been going on, but do we really want government controlled
health care? I don't.