Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Second Presidential FIling Period Closes

Saturday marked the close of the second filing period of the year. Candidates have until June 15th to submit their fundraising totals to the Federal Election Commission. So far, Senator John McCain is in the only Republican candidate to have publicly reported his numbers; he fell far short of his goal and brought in only $11.2 million from April 1st-June 30th. With this low total, McCain was forced to cut staff and reduce the salary of some of his top aides. The campaign is also considering accepting public matching funds. What will this mean for the future of the McCain campaign?

The other 2 top candidates, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, are expected to release their numbers in the coming days. A full listing of fundraising totals will be listed in the RealRepublicanMajority.org presidential section when they become available.


Lizzie said...

I think that McCain's issue is that he's been pandering to the right and if he would return to speaking up for moderate Republicans like he did in 2000, he'd be in much better shape.

David F said...

As it becomes apparent that the Dems are going to far outraise us this election, our only hope is Rudy.

He is the only candidate whose more broad-based appeal will force the Dem candidate to allocate lots of cash to defend big states like PA or NY. He can thus neutralize the financial advantage held by that Dem (either Obama or Clinton, they both far outraised any of our guys).