Monday, July 30, 2007

The Impact of a New Super Tuesday

As more and more states consider moving their presidential primary to February 5th, many analysts believe that the contests on both the Republican and Democratic sides may not be decided until the Conventions. Unlike elections in years past, states large and small, traditionally important and unimportant, are attempting to move their primary up in the calendar year to influence the outcome of the primary elections.

Because most Republican states' primaries are decided by a "winner-take-all" process, that is, the nominee who wins the majority of votes in a given state wins the entirety of that state's delegates, it will be easier for a GOP candidate to be declared prior to the Convention and possibly by February 5th. However, this will not be an easy feat-- a candidate would need to win basically all the early states to shore up the nomination.

With so much hanging in the balance of the primary process and 2008 election, it has never been more important to ensure that the moderate majority is represented and reflected in the make-up of the Convention delegation. Stay tuned to to find out how you can become a delegate in your state!

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Beth said...

It's great that so many more states are going to be holding their primaries earlier but on the other hand, what about the rest of us? As a Marylander, I'm
happy that our primary has been moved up by three weeks to Feb 12 but if the nomination is secured by the 5th, that'll totally be moot. But why can't we
do away with the primary process entirely in favor of something coordinated nationally? That way candidates wouldn't be able to take states like Maryland
for granted--we're tired of being a spectator state!

Lauren said...

Beth, I hear you. I am sure it's frustrating, being from a state like Maryland that has traditionally been as you called it a spectator state but on the other hand, hopefully by moving their primaries to the 5th, candidates will have to focus on a wider range of issues and we'll end up with a nominee who's more representative of the nation. I agree with you about coordinating something nationally but how would we go about that and how would that change the way candidates campaign?