Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New GOP Poll Reveals Interesting Findings

A new poll commissioned by Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates finds that a majority of the GOP believes the Party is too focused on moral issues and instead should get back to the core Republican agenda including strong national security, fiscal responsibility, the protection of Social Security and promotion of education. It's clear that the focus needs to be on common ground issues and solutions in order for the GOP to regain control of the national agenda.

Click here for a related press release.

This poll was featured today at MSNBC.


CIS said...

"Separation of church and state"---this is what the GOP does not seem to value and THE key reason why I must now leave this party. Our founding fathers knew better and Bush is ignoring it---and damaging the entire globe as a result. SHAME on him and his party.

Lauren said...

CIS- Actually, I think the poll shows that you don’t have to leave the GOP because there are a lot of like-minded Republicans out there.  If 60% are willing
to vote for someone who disagrees over abortion, then I’d say the separation of church and state is alive and well for a clear majority- we need to make
sure we elect someone who represents us instead of lending support to the left.