Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wyoming Senate

Last week, Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas passed away after a seven month battle with leukemia. As the state grieves his loss, the WY GOP is responsible for presenting three candidates to Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal as possible replacements.

Fred Parady, the State GOP Chair, announced yesterday that interested parties have until Thursday to present their applications to the GOP for consideration. A candidates forum is expected to be held Sunday, when each candidate will have the opportunity to present their own ideas for the future of Wyoming. The GOP will narrow the field to three, from which Governor Freudenthal will choose the ultimate successor.

The successor will be in office until the special election in November 2008. Through the special election, voters will have the opportunity to fill the seat for the remainder of the late Senator Thomas' term, which would expire in early 2009.

There is a wide array of candidates throwing their hat into the ring for this race, including Colin Simpson, son of former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson; Matthew Mead, a U.S. attorney who resigned his post late last week; even some are speculating that Lynne Cheney will seek the nomination. What effect this appointment will have on the future of the moderate bloc of the GOP remains to be seen. Will the state GOP nominate a real Republican candidate that all GOP'ers can rally around?

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Anonymous said...

If the people of Wyoming elect a right-wing conservative like Barrasso, they obviously failed to learn from our party's devastating defeat in the 2006 elections. The Republican voters in Wyoming now have an opportunity to elect a moderate Republican who will represent the moderate, common sense conservatives who make up the true majority of Republicans. If we continue to elect right-wing Republicans, our party will become a minority party.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely that this state needs desperately to find a RealRepublican! I'm NOT impressed with any named to date.Hopefully, there will be at least one on the list, but I doubt that the GOP State Committee will choose any RealRepublican.They are mostly far Right Wing zealots.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the majority of Republican candidates selected by GOP state committees recently have been right wing zealots. I feel that we really need more candidates like Susan Collins or Olympia Snow. I hope that throughout this election season season, we'll be able to reach across the aisle to bring in Dems and independents but also to strengthen and represent the true Republican moderate majority.