Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3rd GOP Debate, Tonight, June 5th

This evening, St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire will host the 3rd GOP debate of the presidential election season.
As the home of the nation's first primary, all eyes will be on New Hampshire and this debate. We will see the re-appearance of the 10 candidates from the previous 2 debates. These candidates are: Senator John McCain (AZ), Senator Sam Brownback (KS), former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (NY), former Governor Mitt Romney (MA), Congressman Ron Paul (TX), former Governor Jim Gilmore (VA), Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA), former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR), Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO) and former Governor Tommy Thompson (WI).
Notably missing from the debate will be former TN Senator Fred Thompson who last week all but threw his hat in the ring by announcing he would set up a 'testing the waters' committee. Thompson will appear, however, on the Fox News Channel for post-debate commentary.

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