Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger in TIME Magazine

A new TIME magazine article highlights NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as two of today's strongest leaders who have successfully worked across Party lines to produce results for their respective constituencies.

Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg also happen to be mainstream, common sense Republicans who have refused to play partisan politics and instead worked to accomplish real results-- exactly what those of us 'real Republicans' want to see done on the national stage. Legislators in Washington could learn a thing or two by watching what Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger have done; they have listened to the people and taken action to solve problems that the people in California and New York City have faced.

As the article stated:

"So they're not exactly playing politics as usual. But their model of crossing party lines to act where Washington won't is increasingly common. As D.C. politics has become more of a zero-sum partisan game, Mayors and Governors in both parties have taken on predatory lending, obesity, energy, health care and even immigration. 'It's innovation by necessity,' says Stephen Goldsmith, a former Republican mayor of Indianapolis who oversees Harvard's Innovations in American Government wards. This year hardly any federal programs applied. 'Very unusual,' Goldsmith says."

As Americans across the nation become more disenchanted with politics in Washington, perhaps our federal legislators will begin looking to state and local governments on how to achieve real results.


Stan Taylor said...

Barry Goldwater supported STRICT SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. The GOP and the country would greatly benefit from a revival of that very fait idea.
Stan Taylor

Anonymous said...

As was learned today, Blomberg is now "unaffiliated". If he becomes a presidential candidate, he will take votes from the only prochoice Republican who really stands for economic freedom, has a proven record of tax cutting, and can get elected, Rudy Giuliani. This is not good news. Do not support Bloomberg.

Lauren said...

I think that politicians like Arnold Schwartzenegger are really what the Republican party needs--real Republicans who champion such issues as the environment, stem-cell research and a woman's right to choose as well as the separation of church and state as a previous commenter noted. Schwarzenegger has made it known that his Catholic faith will not and does not influence his decision-making. Politicians like Schwarzenegger are compassionate and common sense conservatives who represent the true real Republican majority.