Tuesday, April 29, 2008

McCain Addresses Healthcare

Senator John McCain clarified his plan to help reform the national healthcare system today. His plan centers on offering tax credits to individuals and their families as incentive to purchase their own plans instead of relying on employers for coverage. He wants to encourage competition by allowing individuals to look at other states' insurance policies. He will also create a system of “last resort” insurers that would cover people with pre-existing medical conditions that have been rejected by other plans or who can not afford coverage.
McCain said in a speech that he has been working “tirelessly” to address the problem of healthcare but he refuses to create another entitlement program that will likely get out of control, nor with he make more federal mandates to states that cannot be properly funded. McCain has also pledged to work with governors and state officials as he continues to devise all the details of the plans. He said he has been inspired by the creativity of some states and how they have addressed the healthcare situation for their residents. He said he will be looking to the best state models and that his plan will be a collaboration of them.

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