Monday, April 21, 2008

Tomorrow Penn Primary

After six long weeks of campaigning, the Pennsylvania primary will take place tomorrow and the Democratic presidential nominee may be decided. In their last desperate attempts to get every last vote the candidates’ campaigns have turned very negative. Clinton continues to run with the “bitter” attack and accusing Obama of participating in old style politics and disguising it in his message of hope. Obama’s campaign has aired its’ most negative ads to date, calling Clinton a “compromised Washington insider”.
Both campaigns have also sent out scores of volunteers, campaigners and surrogates in massive grassroots efforts across the whole state hoping to reach every voter and make the case for their candidate.
The polls currently see Clinton leading Obama by almost double-digits. Clinton will need a commanding lead tomorrow to show that she is still a viable candidate. She is down in the pledge delegate count, over all votes cast and number of contests won.
We will keep you posted tomorrow on any developments from Pennsylvania.

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