Monday, April 7, 2008

McCain Embarks on his General Election Campaign

As the Democratic Presidential nominees continue to duke it out, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain is using this time to introduce himself to the American people and set into place his general election campaign. In the last weeks McCain has been on what his camp has pegged as a “biographical tour” around the country. He has made stops at his alma maters and places that have significant meaning to him, using each stop to highlighting his military career and dedication to serving the American people. This time has paid off as his positive ratings continue to climb.

One area that the prolonged Democratic Presidential nomination process has hurt McCain is fundraising. He is substantially behind the Democrats in the money race. Many insiders are saying that the lack of media coverage and the fact that McCain seems not part of the race has hurt his ability to fundraise. Republican donors are not yet inspired to write the big checks because they don’t have a Democratic opponent who they want to beat.

Even though he lags in funding McCain runs neck and neck in most of the general match up polling. The last polling shows him running less then a point behind Obama and over two points ahead of Clinton.

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