Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alert: Affordable healthcare, but at what cost?

While affordable healthcare should be a main concern for the U.S. government, the newly released healthcare reform bill offers a resolution for the estimated 46 million uninsured Americans, but the results would be bigger government, more restrictions and higher costs for those that are already insured.

The only way to obtain the goals of the healthcare reform bill would be to raise taxes, co-pays and premiums of the millions of Americans who already have insurance. Moreover, if the government aims to keep costs low, patients will most likely not have a say in which doctors, procedures, and hospitals they can chose.

In an ideal situation, affordable healthcare would be available to each citizen of the United States, while keeping overhead and costs low; however, the healthcare reform bill offered by Democrats has lofty goals with no real prescription for obtaining them. However, with Democrats so eager to pass the bill, it is probable that they will compromise with Republicans, resulting in a more comprehensive and cost-effective plan.

Real Republican Majority would love to hear your views on this complicated issue! Affordable healthcare is a crucial element in achieving RRM’s goals, but is this the best viable plan? Should the American people take whatever plan we can get our lawmakers to pass? Or should we demand a plan that actually works?

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