Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily News Round-Up for June 1, 2009

Colorado Statesman (Colorado Springs, CO)
Moderation is and has been seen by many on the left and right as a political and ideological limbo of little value - a place where white bread and slow progress hold sway. In truth, nearly every sensible, practical, executable idea emerges from the political center.

Detroit Free-Press (Detroit, MI)
President Barack Obama will announce on Monday the bankruptcy of General Motors Corp., launching a complicated, $59-billion effort to prevent the century-old juggernaut of American manufacturing from collapse.

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
Almost seven months after a U.S. Senate election that was too close to call, five justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments today on whether problems with absentee ballots justify reversing a lower-court ruling that declared Democrat Al Franken a 312-vote winner over Republican Norm Coleman.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
The dust-up between Rush Limbaugh and Colin L. Powell over whether Powell is still a Republican is more than the political equivalent of a show-business feud. It reflects the perennial -- but for Republicans in 2009, painfully pertinent -- question of whether it's good for a major political party to be a big tent or whether too much inclusiveness turns it into a three-ring circus.

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