Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Extremist Views Will Not Win in 2012

It’s only the summer of 2009, but the first signs of the 2012 Presidential elections are already appearing in the GOP. Over the weekend, both MN Governor Tim Pawlenty and supporters close to LA Governor Bobby Jindal made moves that have lead most to believe that they are seriously considering a run for the GOP nomination. Both Pawlenty and Jindal hold far right views on many social issues and will be watched closely to see how they will reconcile their positions with those of the majority of voters. At RRM, we join the millions of Republicans who are looking for a common sense candidate who will promote common ground and moderation of the extreme social agenda which has dominated the GOP in recent years.

In 2008, we saw divisive social issues again sully the waters and Americans reject this method of fishing for votes that has been recently favored by the GOP. Americans don’t want the government to control their personal decisions, but are looking for solutions to the tough problems that are facing us currently, including real ideas to cut our deficit and help our economy rebound. Republicans that are going to be nominated and continue to bring the extremist dialogue to the table are not Republicans who can win in 2012.

RRM wants to know from other moderate Republicans- who would you like to see on the 2012 GOP ticket?


Anonymous said...

Until the GOP grasps the most elementary concept that the electorate is not buying their "my way or the highway" position on social issues they will continue to lose elections. I really don't care who announces they are considering a run at this point - that's putting the horse before the cart. I would pay more attention if there was a lot less "campaigning" and a whole lot more policy development aimed at fixing our troubled economy, our fragile borders and the myriad of other issues incredibly more important than basing their campaign on endorsing the denial of contraceptive services to
women who simply cannot afford another child.

Superdestroyer said...

Being me-too Democratic lite will lead to a 50 state loss for the Republican Party. The big spending compassionate conserative were given their eight years of leadership and shown to be complete failures.

How about trying to be the small government, less spending, zero pork barreling party for a few years instead of a pale copy of the Democrats.

It is hard to argue about the social conservatives when they accomplished so little during the Bush Administration versus the big spending, big government nanny state Republicnas who were more interested in social engineering than leading.