Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GOP Leadership

Here is an update on Republican leadership. Unfortunately, there are too many of the same names. When will we see real change? These leaders let the GOP get so far out of touch but they want their jobs back and we are letting them.

The Senate GOP voted Monday on its leadership for the 111th Congress. The results:
• Senate Min. Leader Mitch McConnell, KY
• Min. Whip Jon Kyl, AZ
• GOP Conference Chair Lamar Alexander, TE
• GOP Policy Cmte Chair John Ensign, NV
• GOP Conference vice chair John Thune, SD
• NRSC Chair John Cornyn, TX

Looks like GOP House Leader OH Congressman John Boehner will likely keep his position as Minority Leader. There was a half hearted attempt by California Congressman Dan Lungren, part of very conservative GOP Study Group, to run against Boehner.

MO Congressman Roy Blunt stepped down from is position as number two Republican in the house. VA Congressman Eric Cantor will likely ascend to his post as Minority Whip. Cantor is currently Deputy Whip.

The number three House Republican, FL Congressman Adam Putnam, also is stepping down from Conference Chair and IN Congressman Mike Pence has been recruited by Boehner. Pence is a name that might be familiar, as he was speculated to be on McCain’s short list. He is ultra conservative.

TX Congressman Pete Sessions is running for the NRCC Chair against the current Chair, OK Congressman Tom Cole. Boehner has put his weight behind Sessions. Cole and Boehner have clashed in the past, and said that Sessions was the right person to rebuild the majority coalition, recruit great candidates, and get them the support they need.

Michael Steel, former lieutenant Governor of Maryland and unsuccessful US Senate candidate, announced that he is seeking election as chairman of the RNC. It is still unclear if current Chairman Mike Duncan will run for re-election.
Normally the party chair is appointed by the President if the Republicans have control of the White House- now the selection will be left up to RNC members.

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Dennis Sanders said...

Is Real Republican Majority still going on? It's an important group and needed at this time.