Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Volunteering in Connecticut’s 4th District

Bethany Vensel and Elizabeth Payne of RRM and RMC are volunteering in Connecticut. Here’s an update from them and their experiences.

It’s a cold morning in Norwalk, CT, but the energy at Rep. Chris Shays’s campaign headquarters is more than enough to combat the cold. The team is confident that the race is going well, and we’ve been hearing only positive things from the staff and large group of volunteers, however Congressman Shays still needs every vote he can get in this race.

One thing that is great about Congressman Shays is how positive his race has been. Shays, a real Republican, firmly believes in keeping races clean and positive instead of concentrating on the negative. That has made many voters support Shays and his style of campaigning. We’ll keep updating you from Norwalk- Bethany is out at a polling place and will check in soon, so keep your eye out for that.

If you have an RRM Election Day story to contribute, please send it to Elizabeth at b.elizabeth.payne@gmail.com, along with your first name and where you’re from. As always, keep checking back with us for more information.

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