Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Youth Vote is Out

This last summer, we established new youth voter outreach programs using Facebook, a social networking website that allowed us to connect with the new generation of Real Republican voters. Today, Facebook is being used as a giant GOTV effort and allowing it’s users to log in and state that they have voted. As of 12:00 PM EST, over 1,575,000 Facebook users have voted. Our Facebook fans are included in this number, and we’ve let them know about how and where they can go to vote for Real Republicans. We’re also receiving word from our younger members that election fever has gripped their campuses, with students taking the day off to volunteer at the polls. Many of these students are voting in their first elections, and are supporting our Real Republican candidates.

For more information on our Facebook page or to learn more about how young Real Republicans can become more involved, please contact Elizabeth at b.elizabeth.payne@gmail.com. Also, if you have a campus Election Day story to tell, let us know by sending Elizabeth an email at the address above. Please provide your location, school name, and first name with your story.

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