Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republican Governors' Association meets

Last week, the Republican Governors' Association convened for the annual Republican Governors' Association conference. Although AK’s Gov. and former VP candidate Sarah Palin was the media’s sweetheart, it was the other governors who gave substantive policy ideas and a clear vision for the future of the Party. Their ideas were varying, some calling to go further right and to seize on the successful passage of anti-gay marriage initiatives which passed in several states. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who wants the Party to go even further right on social issues, forgot to mention the resounding rejection of all the abortion restriction initiatives -- the far right’s other favorite topic. On the other sid, Gov. Charlie Crist asked for the Party to look beyond divisive social issues and said:

“Those issues are very important, but there’s a lot of issues that people care deeply about, that affect their lives in a real way, every single day. If you’re going to be successful in this business, you have to win a majority. It’s not just a majority of Republicans, it’s not just a majority of Democrats, it’s a majority of the people.”

Hopefully, Republican will hear the warnings coming from party leaders such as Crist. The country has too many pressing issues that Americans deal with everyday to focus on social issues. The Party needs real solutions that Americans can connect to. Republicans need a new vision and it should be one of common sense, real solutions, focusing on personal freedom and an honest look into the future while rejecting tired policies of the past.

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Dennis Sanders said...

It's good to see a Big Tent GOP voice. Please keep it up!