Tuesday, October 16, 2007

3rd Quarter Presidential Numbers are Reported

Presidential candidates had until midnight Monday to submit their quarterly reports to the Federal Election Commission.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the leading candidate in most national polls, raised $11.4 million during the three month span, the largest figure among the Republican candidates. He has $11.6 million available for use in the primary campaign. Senator Fred Thompson, who officially entered the race during this quarter, had $7.1 million on hand. He raised $12.8 million since June-- an extra month added since it was June when he started his exploratory committee.

Gov. Romney closed the quarter with $9.2 million cash on hand. In total, Romney has lent his campaign $17.35 million- a huge sum of money. Is Governor Romney trying to buy the nomination? He leads in polls in Iowa, where it should also be noted that he has spent the most on television advertisements, but falls behind the other leading candidates (namely Giuliani and Thompson) in several other statewide polls and has yet to lead in any national poll. Will voters buy the gimmick that Romney is as invested in the campaign as his supporters are, or will they see that he is lagging behind and his self-funding of the campaign is merely to keep his head above water?

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