Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mukasey AG Hearings

Attorney-General nominee Michael Mukasey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday; hearings will resume today. Many believe Mukasey will receive unanimous approval from the committee, as he has thus far appeared as an independent thinker and someone who could disagree with Administration polices should the situation arise.

Mukasey clearly stated his intentions to keep partisan politics out of the Justice Department, something that former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was criticized for not doing. Mukasey's confirmation could be a breath of fresh air to the DOJ and to Washington as a whole. He has vowed to keep White House affairs separate from the Department of Justice and said he would resign if his legal or ethical questions about Administration policy are ignored.

Today, Senators will delve deeper into the topics of his view of executive power in regards to wiretapping. Could the confirmation of Mukasey bring back the approval ratings of the GOP? How will a unanimous, or near-unanimous, vote of confirmation impact the public's perception of politics?

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