Thursday, October 11, 2007

Far Right Continues to Bash GOP

Family Research Council Tony Perkins has continued to lambaste the GOP and cause the Party further harm in his relentless statements attacking Mayor Giuliani's presidential campaign. Most recently, Perkins equated Giuliani with Senator Clinton, calling their positions on abortion "indistinguishable".

Perkins continued, "You don't beat a liberal with a moderate. "People are not going to get excited about Giuliani." Has Perkins been paying attention to the presidential race at all? Mayor Giuliani is leading the Republican field in all nationwide polls and enjoys a broad range of support, including many of Perkins own followers. Unline Perkins and his comrades, intelligent Americans recognize true leadership in someone who has proven to be a protector of our nation-- the majority of Americans want a president who can bring unity, not someone focused on a few divisive issues. Instead of "rallying the base" as Perkins is attempting to do, he may only alienate the members of his organization and cause the further demise of our GOP.

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