Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Real Republicans Respond to James Dobson

Last week, we spoke about the possibility of conservative far-right leaders such as James Dobson and Tony Perkins supporting a third-Party candidate if Mayor Rudy Giuliani were to win the GOP nomination.

Dobson's views were expanded upon in a New York Times op-ed article, published October 4th. His narrow opinion will only serve to further divide our already weakened Party, and many responded to his opinion editorial accordingly. Jennifer Blei Stockman, chairwoman of the Republican Majority for Choice, was featured in a response to his editorial. Her letter said:

To the Editor:

James C. Dobson is not only wrong, but desperate. His thinly veiled threat to take votes away from the G.O.P. clearly shows that he has realized that the Republican Party is moving back toward its core principles and away from a radical social agenda.

A look at the polls shows us that the G.O.P. can nominate a socially moderate candidate for president, and our own polling found that 72 percent of self-identified Republicans believe that the government should not play a role in controlling family planning choices for women.

The real Republican majority is socially tolerant and is demanding a return to the core issues that have historically defined the Republican Party: real economic growth, cutting government waste and ensuring the safety of Americans at home and abroad.

Jennifer Blei-Stockman

The writer is co-chairwoman of the Republican Majority
for Choice.
We would be wise as a Party to come together and support candidates who stand on principle rather than pander to the far-right minority.

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