Monday, October 22, 2007

Giuliani Declared "Winner" of GOP Debate

The Republican Presidential candidates met last night in Orlando, Florida for a debate sponsored by Fox News and the Republican Party of Florida. One of the most notable round of questioning in the debate was the ability for the candidates to further discuss who the 'real Republican' candidate in the race is, and why they are the most conservative. In the days leading up to the debate, each campaign had been making a public effort to tout their 'Republicanism' and many attacked another candidate for why that person was not a true conservative.

The field of candidates argued over who would be able to beat Senator Hillary Clinton, whom many assume will be the Democratic nominee. In the end, many political pundits said that Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the victor of the night. He showed an understanding of all the issues and a passion that many did not see in some of the other candidates. Senator McCain was also strong, adding humor at many times. Fred Thompson waffled on some questions, but overall exhibited a passion that he lacked in his first debate performance.

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