Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California Called for McCain

California was called for Senator McCain; the exact delegate count is still unknown. California allocates its delegates on a winner-take-all system by Congressional district, as opposed to by the entire state. This means that although McCain won the most delegates, his opponents may have won their fair share of the 170 delegates available today.

The current delegate count stands at:

McCain – 475 total (including early primary states)
Arizona: 53
California: 11 (still processing…)
Connecticut: 27
Delaware: 18
Illinois: processing...
Missouri: 58
New Jersey: 52
New York: 101
Oklahoma: 29

Romney – 151 total (including early primary states)
Colorado: processing…
Massachusetts: 21
Montana: processing…
North Dakota: processing…
Utah: 36

Huckabee – 93 total (including early primary states)
Alabama: processing…
Arkansas: 10
Georgia: 33
Oklahoma: 6
Tennessee: processing…
West Virginia: 18

Paul – 6 total (including early primary states)


Dallasite said...

Well, that's it folks. McCain wins and Dobson learns that nobody really cares what he thinks.

I go to sleep tonight a content man.

McCain / Giuliani '08

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that Dobson really has learned but I'm more mesmerized by the McCain/Giuliani '08 banner at the end of your post!

Anonymous said...

i've also heard some mccain/huckabee or mccain/crist talk. giuliani would be crucial though in pulling in moderate Republicans and Independent votes.