Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More States Polls Closed; Results Called

Mitt Romney just finished speaking in Massachusetts, one of only 3 states he's won tonight. He vowed to stay in the race and delivered an uplighting speech despite his 'failure' thus far tonight.

McCain – 383 total (including early primary states)
Arizona: 53
Connecticut: 27
Delaware: 18
Illinois: processing...
Missouri: processing...
New Jersey: 52
New York: 101
Oklahoma: 23

Romney – 135 total (including early primary states)
Colorado: processing...
Massachusetts: 5
North Dakota: processing…
Utah: 36

Huckabee – 54 total (including early primary states)
Alabama: processing…
Arkansas: 10
Georgia: processing...
Tennessee: processing…
West Virginia: 18

Paul – 6 total (including early primary states)

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