Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain Sweeps Potomac Primaries; Gilchrest Loses in MD

Senator McCain won all three primaries yesterday-- DC, Maryland and Virginia. This pushes McCain's delegate count total to 812 compared to Huckabee's approximate 217. Huckabee will stay in the race.

Political pundits were shocked that the Virginia race took so long to call. What that implies is that conservatives by and large voted for Huckabee, still unable to see McCain as a 'true conservative'.

In the Maryland Congressional race, incumbent moderate Wayne Gilchrest was defeated by far-right candidate Andy Harris. This is a huge loss to moderates across the nation as Congressman Gilchrest has always been an independent thinker and not one who was afraid to stand up for principle. Though the First District is generally a Republican District, the vote totals from last night prove otherwise. Democrats came out to vote in droves.

Some interesting figures:
Republicans Total Votes: 68,775
Democrats Total Votes: 65,541

Gilchrest Votes: 23,342
Harris Votes: 30,853

It is certain that many Gilchrest voters, who are not comfrotable with Harris' extreme positions, will choose to vote Democrat in the Fall. Could this be yet another district handed over to the Democrats?

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Republican NOT Conservative said...

Wow. Gilchrist loses.

Is this REALLY the election cycle in which we can afford to lose established GOPers who can raise enough cash to sustain themselves?

The conservatives screw us again.